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Driver CPC JAUPT auditors' report - 19th April 2011

The trainer (Cindy) was simply a natural trainer who had full knowledge of her subject matter and could pass this across to the delegates on the course. The introduction relaxed the group and then she started to train them. She used different training aids and ensured that all those attending took part in the training. The structure of the training was based on power point but this was used as a prompt only and was mixed with films, group activities, good questioning techniques, role play and lots of interaction.

The trainer bought out the knowledge that delegates already had and added new ideas and reminded them of the law that they needed to know. She challenged them and also re-enforced the learning as she went through the day. More than anything the training was fun and it was obvious as bystander that all of the delegates were learning about how to do their jobs even better. The centre must be considered as fully compliant in this area....
Score: 1. poor - 5. excellent
Audit score - 5

FTS Solutions Ltd - Tim Cole Company Director - 10th November 2010

I have the pleasure of knowing Cindy Haskell of Network Driving Consultancy in both a personal and professional capacity for over 3 years and consequently feel well qualified to comment upon her companies' professionalism.

Having worked closely with Cindy during this time I can unreservedly state that she is a diligent and sincere individual who also possesses an honest character and supportive demeanour. Given that in my professional capacity as a Director of FTS Solutions Ltd, I am actively involved in assessing the suitability and personal qualities of individuals and companies, this puts me in a unique position in terms of evaluating Cindy's personal integrity, qualities and values.

M's Haskell has many years of driver training and education experience, which she used to good effect when contracted to FTS Solutions Ltd, essentially Network Driving Consultancy assisted with our programme of training with several Ambulance Authorities in the UK, this brought her in to contact with a wide variety of new working practices, due to the diversity of our clients, her experience and genial disposition enabled her to adapt quickly to the new challenges and alternative ways of working. She proved to be an integral part of the team and was respected by both colleagues and students alike.

In conclusion, I have no hesitation in providing this testimonial and with the aforementioned in mind, I can unequivocally endorse the professionalism of Network Driving Consultancy and can confirm that the company is one I would trust and rely upon without reservation.

Contracted Driver trainer to Cardiff County Council- Linda Harrington

I have known Cindy Haskell of Network Driving Consultancy on a professional basis for 10 years, initially when she worked on the National Driver Improvement Scheme for South Wales Police and most recently carrying out D1 licence acquisition and driver assessments on behalf of Cardiff County Council. She has also been involved with delivering the classroom sections of the County's Mature Driver course and Young Driver Awareness course.

Cindy has carried out training in schools, nurseries, youth centres, outdoor pursuit centres, etc throughout the Cardiff County and has encountered some resistant attitudes to driver awareness and improvement, but has always been calm and professional, engaging the client in the process of education.

Client feedback forms have consistently marked her training as 'excellent', with many schools specifically requesting Cindy to carry out the training.

She has been exceptionally reliable and has demonstrated the utmost professional integrity at all times. She works well both as part of a team and on her own, showing initiative, innovation and flexibility. Her driver report forms are clear, constructive and concise.

I have no hesitation in recommending Network Driving Consultancy