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Quality Assurance Policy Statement

The corporate objective of Network Driving Consultancy is to achieve a service that meets or exceeds the customer needs and expectations. To assist in achieving this objective an integrated quality management system is operated by the company which ensures full compliance with the Terms & Conditions as stated by JAUPT guide to periodic training and the Vehicles Drivers (Certificates of Professional Competence) Regulations 2007 (as amended) (SI No. 2007/6051)

To include:

  • The Company has in place: Secure storage and evidencing of all data, held available for JAUPT audit for a period of six years. The Company will uphold our legal responsibilities and obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • Policies in place for: Quality Assurance; Equal Opportunities; Health & Safety; Clarity and Transparency; Complaints and Refunds.
  • The Company to hold Public Liability and Professional indemnity for £3,000,000.
  • The Company shall ensure that each Trainer is fully conversant with Company Quality Assurance Procedures that embrace his / her activities and regular audits are undertaken to verify conformance and be held accountable for completing all procedures for Periodic Training.
  • Monitoring and Recording evidence of course attendance and candidate feedback.
  • Carry out Driving Licence Checks prior to course commencement: Driver Number; Issue Number; Expiry dates: Identity; Vehicle category relevant to the course and vocation.
  • Provide suitable training premises: An inspection of premises to be undertaken by competent personnel. To include a full risk assessment, disability suitability and emergency evacuation. procedures. The findings of which shall be recorded for action and information.
  • Resources: The course premises to have; IT equipment, teaching aids and materials.
  • Vehicles used to be suitably insured and hold a current MOT where appropriate.
  • Regular course evaluation and monitoring to ensure standards and consistency are maintained and procedures and policies are adhered to.
  • New trainers shall be inducted to the Company in Quality Assurance matters and will undertake through instruction, practical example and in-house training to ensure that quality and consistency is maintained. Hold records of Trainers certificates of professional competence.
  • Statistical analysis of all Quality Assurance performance shall be collated and analysed at regular meetings.

Cindy Haskell
Managing Director
January 2011