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taken out by some network driving consultancy qualified fleet driving instructors  to do fleet driver trainingHealth and Safety Executive legislation is constantly changing. On 6th April 2008, a new law,
Corporate Manslaughter & Homocide Act 2007, came into force, which affects you, if you employ 5 or more people.

Managing work related road safety is simply a matter of having;

Policy, Responsibility, Organisation, Systems and Monitoring

At NDC our aim is to liaise with your company to help you implement safe systems to meet the corporate & personal liability obligations placed upon those in industry. We will provide assistance and training to:

• Prepare a company Occupational Road Risk (ORR) policy
• Monitor, train and document evidence of driver competencies.
• Use a Data Recording System (DRS1100)
• Ongoing consultation and support on all road safety issues.

Why should your organisation adopt fleet training?

The company benefits are endless …..

Financial Benefits - helping to reduce ..
• Insurance premiums/liability
• Fuel costs
• Potential lost customers and orders
• Late/failed deliveries
• Vehicle maintenance & downtime
Resource drains caused by injury, etc.

Corporate Image
Fleet training will enhance your corporate image not only by highlighting you as a caring employer but also by setting a good example within the industry. Improved driver training will ensure you retain customer goodwill and your reputation.

In addition, using the driver training techniques you will help to create a greener environment.

The Driver
The benefits to the individual are;
• Improved safety in and out of work
• Enhanced knowledge & skills
• Enhanced satisfaction
• Reduced stress & risk
• Reduced risk of potential lost licence/job