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Our Courses

Picture of a minibus taking MiDAS training with a network driving consultancy qualified minibus driving instructorAll drivers are responsible for their own safety and that of other road users, particularly vulnerable users such as cyclists, motorcyclists, children, disabled and elderly. In addition, they have a ‘duty of care’ for passengers using their vehicle for transport. Our courses provide the highest standard of training for anyone wishing to achieve high levels of competency and skill.

Our services

• Licence acquisition – Categories- Car: Minibus: Light Goods (Cat - B: D1: C1)
• Fully accredited MiDAS, including accessible training & refresher courses.
• Pass Plus – post test driver training

We provide all the appropriate assessments, training and accreditation for;
• individual drivers,
• schools, colleges, universities
• health authorities,
• local authorities
• voluntary organisations

We offer tiered packages of training for licence acquisition, to meet levels competency required by DSA test standards.


Drivers are provided with a copy of Information for Minibus Drivers which identifies the advantages that MiDAS offers to drivers

They will receive up-to-date training and information to drive a minibus ensuring that their driving skills, including any additional training in the safe use of wheelchairs and lifting equipment, meet the MiDAS standards.

Certificates are issued on completion, enabling them to drive a minibus of other MiDAS members without the need to be re-assessed, providing they meet the requirements of the other organisation.