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Advanced Driving

network driving consultancy qualified advanced driving instructors doing advanced driver trainingAdvanced Driver Training is essential for those drivers who wish to take their driving skills to a higher level and benefit both in terms of safety and cost savings.

At NDC we can offer a flexible and tailored programme to suit an individuals needs at competitive prices. You may purely wish to enhance your skills or you may want to take your Advanced Driving test ….the choice is yours.

The Advanced Driver Training programme centres around the System of Car control. This is a safe and systematic method of approaching hazards. Developed by the Metropolitan Police, it was originally called the ‘grid’ system. It was revised, re-written and re-named in 1995 and is still used today.

You will be taught how to commentate while you drive, this will let the instructor know what you are seeing, what you are planning, how far ahead they are looking, and what you intend to do about the hazards they have identified.

Students are also offered an option to view a clip of their driving performance, saved on a Data Recording System (DRS1100), and to use the data for reflection and further development.

System of Car control

network driving consultancy qualified advanced driving instructors doing advanced driver training looking in Driving MirrorThe whole ethos behind driving to the system of car control is: Observe, order an importance and react.

You will improve information gathering by learning the benefits of scanning the road ahead to allow you more time to formulate your driving plan. This will give you more time to decide when and where to indicate your intentions to change direction or speed.

By learning the System of Car Control your ability to position earlier and to see further ahead will give opportunities to make more progress under all circumstances.

By using acceleration sense to adjust speed saves fuel and there is less wear and tear on the vehicle transmission system. Early braking on hazard approach gives more time to anticipate and react to the ever-changing road picture ahead.

Gears should be selected according to your speed and may be obtained using a loop or block change method in a manual car or by shifting to the appropriate gear in an automatic. You will be taught how to use the gears for different circumstances for optimum flexibility and control.

By accurate use of the accelerator you will drive safely and smoothly through the hazard, according to the traffic flow, road surface conditions and grip factor. This permits the application of the safety principle of being able to stop on your own side of the road, within the distance you can see to be clear.